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An innovative composite repair company since ’78

How Stick Fix Started

Our Founder, Cliff Hendrickson has been repairing racquets since the late 1970s, along with other composite products. In 2003 he was asked if could fix a composite hockey stick. He repaired the hockey stick and waited a few weeks before contacting this customer and asked how the repaired hockey held together and performed. The customer’s repsonse was “Great! I felt no difference [in the stick]”.

At this point we knew we had a new product to work on. Along with tweaking from our Chemical Engineer, Stick Fix Repair Process hit the market in January 2004. We became the answer to the broken hockey stick problem. We now offered an enormous savings to parents and teams.

“We offer an enormous savings to parents and teams.”

Driven, Relentless, Proven.

Stick Fix is driven,  and has a relentless determination to continue being the best. We have a roll-up your sleeve mentality toward innovation, customer listening, the best proven repair system and exceptional service knowledge.



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